Maple - Rites of Passage

Maple - Rites of Passage cover
CompanyMaple Skateboards
Length19 minutes
CategoryFull length
Added byJorge

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Intro & Joe McLellan - Rancid - ?
Chad Muska - NOFX - Jeff Wears Birkenstocks?
Jeff Nichols - Supersuckers - Seventeen Poles
Nick Bell - ?
Marc Johnson - ?
Thom Hornung - Supersuckers - On The Couch
Jason Carney - ?
Kien Lieu & Credits - ?
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Guest LibertyChip

Lol and Jason’s is “I’m The One”, also from, you guessed it, Rancid.
Guest LibertyChip

And the first song is “Nihilism” also from Rancid
Guest LibertyChip

The song during Nick Bell’s part is “St. Mary” from Rancid

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